*Important update on our dear Shagah’s journey to kick cancer’s ass!*

Shagah’s mother, Pary, has been undergoing the stem cell donation process over the last few weeks and it is finally time for transplant...

  • December 3 – Shagah will be admitted to the hospital and begin prep for her stem cell transplant

  • December 11 or 12 – Transplant Day! Shagah plans on Facebook Live-ing the transplant, so follow her for details

  • 3-6 Weeks – expected hospital stay post-transplant

  • Appx 100 Days – expected hospital/Houston stay post-transplant


What can you do to support Shagah during her transplant?

  • See details in the “How Can I Help” section below for contact/donation info and links. 

  • Keep sending good thoughts, prayers, and messages of hope and strength directly to Shagah via text, social media, homing pigeon, etc.

  • Visit Shagah in the hospital! She will feel yucky and you need to be healthy, but she is open to visitors.

    • Shagah welcomes visitors, but she’s the Girl in the Plastic Bubble right now. Her immune system is non-existent, and she is at high risk to catch any bug — especially during this cold and flu season. Each visitor has to be screened at the nurse’s station and cleared of signs of flu/cold before going back to see Shagah. Mask and gloves are required while in the room. Anybody who has recently been in contact with somebody sick or has been sick needs to wait 2 weeks after to visit. Thank you for understanding!

  • If you can't visit, donate hotel or flight points to her friends/family that wish to visit her in Houston.

  • The food is not great at the hospital, so sending food/gift cards directly to the hospital is appreciated. You can send:

    • Gift cards for Houston-area restaurants

    • Gift cards for food/grocery delivery services (GrubHub, Amazon Prime delivery, etc.)

    • Send lunch/dinner directly to the hospital

    • Sweet treats directly to the hospital (check out Tiff's Treats)

    • Other items, like games, puzzles, love notes, journals, and coloring books to fill her time.


Providing Love & Support for Shagah

Contact Info:

Email: Phone/Text: (918) 814-8386 Mailing Address: 8181 Fannin St.
Apt. 911
Houston, TX 77054 Facebook page for treatment updates:

Donate Funds:

Venmo: @shagah Paypal: Cash App: $shagsss Mailing Address: 8181 Fannin St.
Apt. 911
Houston, TX 77054 The family has requested direct funds vs. GoFundMe.

Donate Flight or Hotel Miles:

Most loyalty programs allow for transfer of miles to other loyalty members. Some charge to transfer; some don’t. Travel back and forth for Shagah and family will be necessary, so if you have any miles to donate, they would be appreciated.

American Airlines: account # 7Y38XP4,US_TRANSFER

Southwest: account # 601497035

United: account # FJF85343

Delta: account # 9483175890

Hilton Honors: account # 448523145

Marriott Bonvoy: account # 368112186
Call member support at 1-800-627-7468

Legal Name: Shaghayech Zakerion

Send Care Packages, Letters, & Love:

Shagah is very open to messages, calls, texts, videos, letters, etc. and very appreciative of all words and gifts of encouragement. Care Package Info:

  • inspirational/funny tank tops (she can only wear tanks because of her central line - size large or extra large depending on fit)
  • gift cards for Uber eats, grub hub, etc. — she gets very tired of hospital food (please see “Donate Prepaid Gift Cards” for more info)
  • pictures of friends and cards (no frames)
  • cookies (Tiffs Treats) or other surprise sweet treats
  • please no flowers
Shagah’s Personal Beliefs: “I am very spiritual but not particularly religious.” – Shagah Email: Phone/Text: (918) 814-8386 Mailing Address: 8181 Fannin St.
Apt. 911
Houston, TX 77054 Please keep Shagah and her family in your thoughts — send good vibes, prayers, juju, or whatever love you have their way!

Donate Bone Marrow & Blood/Platelets:

Blood and Platelets: There is a constant critical need for blood components. All donations on Shagah’s behalf will be credited at a rate of $25 per donation towards her blood bill. When you donate blood/platelets, please do so in Shagah’s name. Donate blood/platelets at MD Anderson » Donate blood/platelets in Oklahoma » Bone Marrow: Shagah will need a 3rd bone marrow transplant. Are you a match and willing to donate to her or other cancer patients in need? Please consider joining the national bone marrow registry to find out. Join the bone marrow registry »


PLEASE NOTE: Shagah and her mom have a new mailing address! 8181 Fannin St.
Apt. 911
Houston, TX 77054

Caregiver & Family Support:

Shagah’s family will be splitting time between Houston and Tulsa. She has a sister living in Houston who will be an integral part of her stable support system along with their mother, who is there as her primary caregiver. However, Shagah’s father and other sister will remain in Tulsa. All parties will travel back-and-forth as needed but, as you can imagine, the time apart will be very challenging. If you would like to provide support for Shagah’s family and care team, please feel free to include notes of inspiration addressed to them:

  • Pary: mother and primary caregiver in Houston
  • Fred: father living in Tulsa
  • Sheyda: sister living in Houston
  • Shirin: sister living in Tulsa
Mailing Address: 8181 Fannin St.
Apt. 911
​​​​​​​Houston, TX 77054

Pita Place: Shagah’s family owns the delicious restaurant Pita Place which has a location in Bixby (8315 E 111th St South Bixby, Oklahoma 74008) as well as a food truck that can be found at Food Truck Wednesdays at the Guthrie Green and around Tulsa at food truck events. Keep them in mind for a meal or even food truck catering at corporate events, weddings, receptions, parties, and more!

Food from Tulsa for Pary: If anyone is traveling from Tulsa to Houston and can transport food, please visit Pita Place and bring some tastes of home for Pary.

Visiting Shagah:

Because of the nature of Shagah’s treatment, she won’t be able to receive large groups of visitors. Feel free to email Shagah at to see when she is available for visitors.

Stay Up-to-Date:

Follow @marrow4shagah on Facebook for updates on Shagah.



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