*Important update on our dear Shagah’s journey to kick cancer’s ass!*

Shagah’s mother, Pary, has been undergoing the stem cell donation process over the last few weeks and it is finally time for transplant...

  • December 3 – Shagah will be admitted to the hospital and begin prep for her stem cell transplant

  • December 11 or 12 – Transplant Day! Shagah plans on Facebook Live-ing the transplant, so follow her for details

  • 3-6 Weeks – expected hospital stay post-transplant

  • Appx 100 Days – expected hospital/Houston stay post-transplant


What can you do to support Shagah during her transplant?

  • See details in the “How Can I Help” section below for contact/donation info and links. 

  • Keep sending good thoughts, prayers, and messages of hope and strength directly to Shagah via text, social media, homing pigeon, etc.

  • Visit Shagah in the hospital! She will feel yucky and you need to be healthy, but she is open to visitors.

    • Shagah welcomes visitors, but she’s the Girl in the Plastic Bubble right now. Her immune system is non-existent, and she is at high risk to catch any bug — especially during this cold and flu season. Each visitor has to be screened at the nurse’s station and cleared of signs of flu/cold before going back to see Shagah. Mask and gloves are required while in the room. Anybody who has recently been in contact with somebody sick or has been sick needs to wait 2 weeks after to visit. Thank you for understanding!

  • If you can't visit, donate hotel or flight points to her friends/family that wish to visit her in Houston.

  • The food is not great at the hospital, so sending food/gift cards directly to the hospital is appreciated. You can send:

    • Gift cards for Houston-area restaurants

    • Gift cards for food/grocery delivery services (GrubHub, Amazon Prime delivery, etc.)

    • Send lunch/dinner directly to the hospital

    • Sweet treats directly to the hospital (check out Tiff's Treats)

    • Other items, like games, puzzles, love notes, journals, and coloring books to fill her time.



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